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Agro-ecological zoning of the Austro Ecuatoriano

Gerd DERCON unknown (1998 only) laureate

°1970 Belgium
Agricultural engineer, option : Soil science and agriculture of tropical and subtropical areas (1993) & Master of Irrigation Engineering (1994), Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

Zonificación agroecológica del Austro Ecuatoriano

This study provides a general overview of the physical conditions in the Austro, by using the FAO methodology of agro-ecological zoning. Soil conditions were mapped and climatic data were analysed to calculate, for example, length of growing periods for agricultural planning purposes. Suitability zones were demarcated for reforestation, nature conservation, as well as high potential zones for agricultural development, in order to accommodate the rapidly growing population in those areas with better physical endowment in terms of soil and climate.
In the light of challenges of the 21st century, such as population pressure, food security, sustainable agriculture and environmental stability, the agro-ecological overview of the Austro Ecuatoriano provides the necessary tools and the information to take the right decisions to improve the fate of the peasant farmer, to smoothen out conflicts between different sectors of society, to protect vulnerable zones and to guide and focus future research efforts.