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An Assessment of the Effectiveness of the Anti-Corruption Bureau in Combating Corruption in Malawi

Charles CHUNGA student laureate

°1971 Malawi
Master in Public Administration, University of Botswana, 2005

An Assessment of the Effectiveness of the Anti-Corruption Bureau in Combating Corruption in Malawi

Various actors are responsible for development. The government of the developing country in question is one of them. Since the late 1980s, a great deal of attention has been given to good governance in developing countries. One of the requisites of good governance is the fight against corruption. As a result, rooting out corruption is an important challenge for development and development cooperation.

This thesis examines the effectiveness of the Anti-Corruption Bureau in Malawi. It concludes that the Bureau has failed, as a result of political influence, too limited a mandate, inadequate financing and understaffing.

Charles Chunga’s work is praiseworthy and relevant on at least three levels. First, it contains a series of concrete recommendations for improving the Bureau’s effectiveness in the future. Central to these recommendations is political independence, which is where the second virtue of the thesis lies. The current government in Malawi has proclaimed zero tolerance of corruption. Chunga makes the government indirectly responsible for it. As a result of this thesis, the people currently in power cannot argue that they were unaware of the Bureau’s problems, nor that they had no idea how to solve them. Finally, this case study of the Anti-Corruption Bureau in Malawi makes a contribution to studying corruption and fighting corruption in a broader context. Many general lessons for effectively fighting corruption can be learned from this specific practice assessment of Malawi.

report: Dr. Wouter Vandenhole, Centre for Transboundary Legal Development, Tilburg University, Netherlands; Institute for Human Rights, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium; Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium