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Comparison of the floristic composition and the forest structure of parcels of the classified Bossematié forest

Adama BAKAYOKO student laureate

°1970 Ivory Coast
Masters in tropical ecology, Université de Cocody, Ivory Coast, 1996.

Comparaison de la composition floristique et de la structure forestière de parcelles de la forêt classée de Bossematié

Like in many tropical countries deforestation in Ivory Coast has been very fast. To control this process national parks, classified forests and nature reserves have been founded. Only the three national parks of Ivory Coast enjoy a sufficient protection. Classified forests and nature reserves are still liable to overexploitation for agricultural purposes. The only forests that can be logged commercially are the classified forests. The government puts forest management forward as a condition for forest exploitation. SODEFOR is responsible for the management of the forests.
Ecologically sound forestry should be based on a big amount of measurements of vegetation features. These data should be processed by statistical methods.
Bakayoko applied the method of line transects which allowed the survey of both the vegetation structure and the floristic composition.