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The consequences of the free feed choice of flesh chickens, in comparison with a complete feed in a tropical poultry farm

Yao Marcellin KOUASSI student laureate

°1964 Ivory Coast
Agricultural engineer, option : animal production, Université du Bénin, Togo, 1998

Effets du libre choix alimentaire des poulets de chair en comparaison avec une alimentation complète dans un élevage tropical

In poultry feed the nutritionists usually offer the chickens a classical "whole" feedstuff, the cost of which may be a restricting factor.
The separated feeding technique offers the flesh chickens the choice between energizing feed and feed rich in proteins. The energetic feedstuff is generally maize, which is given as flour during the first week. Gradually, crushed grains can be added to it during the second week, afterwards whole grains, from the third week onwards. This technique makes it possible to reduce the purchase costs of whole feedstuffs for poultry in a rural African environment.
The breeder who has a grain production at his/her disposal is able to limit his costs till the purchase or the perfecting of a protein concentrate.
The study has shown that the flesh chickens are capable of balancing their feed by an appropriate selection between the protein feedstuff and the maize, which is an energizing feedstuff.
The concomitant study of the behaviour of the animals has produced information for improving poultry farming in a tropical climate.
By focusing on the natural breeding conditions and aiming at a valorization of the local raw materials, this work meets the objectives of food safety and sustainable development.