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A new edition of the Prize of the Belgian Development Cooperation has been launched. This call is open until March 31st, 2011. You can read in the regulations whether you comply with the criteria for participation.

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Contribution to the assessment of the stock of mangrove oysters (Crassostrea gasa Adanson) in the national park of the Saloum Delta (Senegal)

Thierry BAY student laureate

°1974 Belgium
Agricultural engineer, Faculté Universitaire des Sciences Agronomiques de Gembloux, Belgium, 2000

Contribution à l'évaluation du stock d'huîtres de palétuvier (Crassostrea gasa Adanson) dans le Parc National du Delta du Saloum (Sénégal)

Mangroves, the litoral forests between earth and sea along the tropical estuaries, deltas and bays, are ecosystems rich of diverse potentialities: wood and salt production, fisheries, oyster exploitation. However, mangroves are among the most threatened ecosystems of the world. Their sustainable development thus requires a correct evaluation of their resources and mode of exploitation, to be followed by the practice of management methods guaranteeing the future of the resources in production conditions which are respectful of the environment. Such an approach was applied by Thierry Bay in his excellent study of the oysters growing on the roots of the mangrove trees in the 'Parc National du Delta du Saloum'. His work, which was accomplished in harsh field conditions, requiring endurance and good integration among the local populations, and the accuracy in the statistical analysis of the results, permitted him to develop a fast, reliable and reproducible method for the evaluation of the stocks and their regeneration potential, as well as for their production for consumption. Furthermore, it produces data for a possible oyster culture on artificial substrata, which would reduce considerably the work load of the gathering women and replace a gathering process which often leads to the destruction of the mangrove roots.
The thesis is clear, neatly presented, and very adequately illustrated.

Report by Prof. Dr. Jean-Jacques Symoens, Royal Academy for Overseas Sciences, Brussels, Belgium