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Determinants of Household School Demand in Ethiopia: A Multivariate Analysis

Mulugeta GEBRESELASSIE GEBREEGZIABHER researcher laureate

°1973 Ethiopia
M.Sc. in statistics, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, 1998

Determinants of Household School Demand in Ethiopia: A Multivariate Analysis

With a less than 20 per cent gross enrolment rate, Ethiopia runs among the lowest in terms of children school access in the sub-Sahara region. Despite the recent encouraging figures indicating growing school participation, little is known in terms of the main socio-economic and demographic factors influencing household school demand in Ethiopia.
The author's study provides an answer to this important issue on the agenda of educational policy makers. The combination of logistic regression and discriminant analyses methods with a sound knowledge of the regional reality has resulted in a set of useful policy recommendations. The author succeeds in identifying key determinants of household demand in Ethiopia. The results of the study will be most welcome for educational policy makers and planners with valuable information such as the choice of small instead of large schools, the introduction of shift systems and the promotion of adult distance education. The expansion of human capacity through education is a key element in development. Through the identification of the main hindrances affecting household demand for schooling, this research has contributed to help policy makers to devise the right strategies to alleviate the problem of low school enrolment.