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Durability of Decentralized Financial Systems Specialized in Credit to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. Case-study: 'Corposol-Finansol' in Colombia

Marc LABIE unknown (1998 only) laureate

°1968 Belgium
MSc Economic and Social Sciences (1992) & PhD Management Sciences (1998), Université de Mons-Hainaut, Belgium

La pérennité des systèmes financiers décentralisés spécialisés dans le crédit aux petites et micro-entreprises. Étude du cas 'Corposol-Finansol' en Colombie

Adapted financial support to (very) small enterprises in developing countries constitutes a fundamental issue, because the contribution of such enterprises to employment is estimated at about 50%. Decentralized financial systems seem to meet the needs of such (very) small enterprises very adequately because of the cumulative effect of the invested capital and because of their offering to the (very) small employers the opportunity of taking their development in their own hands. However, those decentralized financial systems have often proved to be very fragile.
It is the author's merit to have investigated the conditions of usefulness and durability in these institutions relying on the analysis and utilization of financial and banking theories but, at the same time, fitting into them the requirements of an adapted procedure and taking into account the obligations of local institutions.
The author identifies, analyzes and specifies the conditions for the durability of decentralized financial systems. This double approach, both theoretical and practical, greatly contributes to the formulation of numerous programs for (very) small enterprises, which may be realized in bi- and multilateral cooperation.