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Evolution of the land ownership system and intensification of agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa: the case of a village in South-Benin

Jean-François DUBUISSON unknown (1998 only) laureate

°1975 Belgium
Master in Economics, Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix, Namur, Belgium, 1998

Evolution du régime foncier et intensification de l'agriculture en Afrique sub-saharienne: le cas d'un village du Sud Bénin

The author empirically investigates the so-called traditional feudal systems in a village in South-Benin. He show the flexibility of those systems, which - on a large scale - have integrated modern, though hardly formalized, elements. The importance of such a problem can be easily guessed in modern Africa, which will have to nourish a billion people in a near future.
This research makes a clean sweep of the view that Africa is a rigid and inflexible continent, rusted in unadapted traditions. It shows, on the contrary, in what way the agricultural production could be intensified without agricultural reform based on a generalization of official ownership rights. We draw special attention to the intelligent attention given to the specific situation of women and youngsters in a rural environment.