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Family identity, migration and malnutrition

Ruth & Evelyn LACZANO & TREWHELLA FERNANDEZ student laureate

°1961 & 1969 Bolivia
Licence in psychology, Universidad Mayor de San Simon, Bolivia, 1998.

Identidad familiar, migración y desnutrición

This is an extensive (150 p), well written report of an investigation within the frame-work of the RAIPPI (Red Andina de intervención y prevención en psicopatología infantil, Universidad Mayor de San Simon & Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium) project, which took two years. Malnutrition is a major factor of infantile mortality, which is especially high in the slums occupied by poor migrants coming from the countryside and the mines. The researchers received a special training in the biographical method in order to understand the problematic of malnutrition. The very low level of income and education of the families, the trauma of migration disrupting the larger family as well as the new cultural environment, made them incapable of assuming their life. Because of the fact they were listened to while telling their story, they were able to reappropriate their lives and ceased to be objects. Instead, they became subjects capable of constructing their own life, of understanding that malnutrition is not only an economic problem, a fatality, and of assuming a new position towards their life. This method of approach of a complex problem opens up news avenues for further research, gives us qualitative indicators leading to a quantitative approach and suggests strategies with regard to the numerous populations affected by infantile malnutrition and infantile death. The authors also emphasize the importance of systematic work, good co-ordination and supervision in the implementation of the RAIPPI project.