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A few secondary metabolites of Piptadeniastrum Africanum (Mimosaceae)

Hervé martial POUMALE POUMALE student laureate

°1970 Cameroon
Licence in chemistry,1998

Quelques métabolites secondaires de Piptadeniastrum Africanum (Mimosacees)

This sound and useful thesis deals with the phytochemical and clinical research of traditionally used medicinal plants. The relevance of this work for the development is beyond any doubt, as this group of medicines is more accessible to the poor, and as it is cheaper. Moreover, “tradition” represents an irreplaceable source of information in the search for natural products with medicinal action. Thus, a number of species of the genus “Piptadeniastrum” are described in some traditional pharmacopoeia and are used for the treatment of different diseases.

The thesis describes the isolation and structure analysis of five products of the medicinal plant Piptadeniastrum africanum, which belongs to the family of Mimosaceae and is harvested in Cameroon. Starting from bark tissue, the different components were separated and isolated using fluid-extraction and column chromatography. The combined interpretation of the mass spectra and the hydrogen and carbon nucleomagnetic resonance spectra resulted in the determination of five different structures. They belong to three different chemical classes: two monoglycerides, two triterpenes and one flavonoid. Further research is needed to test these products on their biological activity.
The qualitative and quantitative study of the metabolites of medicinal plants contributes largely to traditional medicine through the evaluation of their toxicity, activity and therapeutic dose.

report by Prof. Dr. Jozef Totté, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium