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A new edition of the Prize of the Belgian Development Cooperation has been launched. This call is open until March 31st, 2011. You can read in the regulations whether you comply with the criteria for participation.

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Hitamo Amahoro. North-South relations into perspective: Case study of Rwanda

Bert MAERTEN student laureate

°1977 Belgium
Licence in commercial sciences, Vlekho, Brussels, Belgium, 1999

Hitamo Amahoro. Noord-Zuid relaties in perspectief: Gevalstudie Rwanda

From the necessity to draw lessons from the past, but also to define responsibilities and to give a frame of reference for the future, this dissertation discusses the causes and background of the genocide in Rwanda (1994) in order to evaluate the post-genocide situation in the country. In a first part the causes and background of the genocide are outlined. Special attention is devoted to the creation of a genocidal logic. In a second part of the dissertation the political, social and economic developments of the post-genocide society in Rwanda are discussed. Thus, a global analysis of the past, present and future of this country is given, in which responsibilities - both in Rwanda and abroad - are identified. This evaluation is important for the present cooperation with Rwanda and for the prognosis of its future. Combining academic reflection and practical research, this multidisciplinary dissertation suggests answers to issues which are both very complex and highly relevant for development co-operation.