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Impact of the high population density and the number of shoots per teak stump (Tectona grandis) on the growth and quality of the regenerated stems (Case of the teak plantations of Bamoro - Bouake - I.C.)

Yapi Emmanuel AMONKOU student laureate

°1966 Ivory Coast
Masters in plant biology, Université d'Abidjan, Ivory Coast, 1996.

Influence de la forte densité du peuplement et du nombre de rejets par cépée de teck (Tectona grandis) sur la croissance et la qualité des tiges régénérées (Cas des teckéraies de Bamoro - Bouake - C.I.)

Regeneration of teak plantations after short cut can take place by conducting stump shoots or natural seedlings or by a new plantation of seeds or stumps.
In this study the influence of two factors, the population density and the number of shoots by stump, on the growth and the quality of the regenerated stems was analysed.
Maintaining a strong density (2000 to 3000 shoots/hectare) with only one shoot per stump proved to be the best treatment.
The investment needed to regenerate an hectare of teak plantation by shoots is less than half the cost of creation of a new plantation.
The rainforest of Ivory Coast is a valuable asset which should be preserved and in this respect the present study contributes to a sustainable development.