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Juvenile inequality. A case of homeless children in Uganda

Adela BARUNGI unknown (1998 only) laureate

°1974 Uganda
Master Development Studies, Uganda Martyrs University (Uganda), 1997

Juvenile inequality. A case of homeless children in Uganda


The author describes homeless children in Kampala, giving solid indications enabling us to outline and disentangle the intricate, labyrinthine ways leading to such a situation. They are part of a more general phenomenon : the exodus from rural areas in a poor country.
The analysis of official ambitions and institutions operating from an authoritarian, individualistic and stigmatizing view sheds light on the mechanisms with which these laws and institutions contribute to the true 'production' of this kind of 'delinquency' and its transformation to criminality, without offering a real solution to this problem.The author suggests that public power and institutions have to get another view on the problem and proposes amendments of law and a reinforcement of joint labour.