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New Geological Features of the Mayarí-Sagua-Moa Zone, Based on the Interpretation of the 1:50 000 Aerogeophysical Model

José BATISTA RODRÍGUEZ researcher laureate

°1968 Cuba
Engineer geology, Instituto Superior Minero Metalúrgico de Moa, Cuba, 1992

Nuevas regularidades geológicas de la región Mayarí-Sagua-Moa a partir de la interpretación del levantamiento aerogeofísico 1:50 000

Dr Batista's thesis presents the results of a complex investigation undertaken in an area with mineral potential (laterites) in a region of Cuba. This study has led to the discovery of new interesting geological features unknown before in the area. The methodology applied proved to be successful for the established purposes. The combined interpretation of the geophysical available data (national survey) together with geochemical and geological information, which helps in the interpretation of anomalies, resulted in a complete and truthful model of the studied area.
The thesis reveals the applied airborne geophysical techniques (gamma, magnetics, etc.) in combination with geochemistry as effective tools for the prospection of local Fe+Ni+Co laterites. For the first time, modern prospecting techniques have been successfully applied to this wide area. This, together with the combined interpretation of all the existing data from different sources to perform a new and refined geological and metallogenical model of the area, is considered a huge step towards the adequate and cost-effective mineral resources exploitation.
This model is essential for a country to be able to adequately evaluate and extract the mineral resources in the area. Therefore, the application of the methodology developed by the author to other regions in the country, or even to other tropical areas with analogous geological background, could be equally successful. It is indeed evident that the adequate exploitation and management of the natural resources of a country is directly related to the development degree of that country.

report by Prof. Dr. A. Ordoñez, Technical Mining Engineering, Escuela Universitaria de Ingeniería Técnica Minera y Topográfica de Mieres, Spain