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Pathogenic behaviour and molecular pholymorphism in African isolates of Phaeioisariopsis griseolia and research regarding new sources of resistance to this illness

Jean-Pierre BUSOGORO researcher laureate

°1965 Burundi
Agricultural engineer, Université du Burundi, 1992

Comportement pathogénique et polymorphisme moléculaire d'isolats africains de Phaeioisariopsis griseolia et recherche de nouvelles sources de résistance à cette maladie

In 1997 Dr. Jean-Pierre Busogoro obtained, with great distinction, the degree of Agricultural Engineer at the University of Burundi at Bujumbura.
From 1993 till 1998 he did research at the Faculté Universitaire des Sciences Agronomiques de Gembloux on the genetic diversity of Phoeoisariopsis griseola, the mould that causes one of the most frequent diseases of the common bean. Beans are a major source of proteins for the rural population of Burundi, Rwanda and Kivu.
Dr. Busogoro examined the genetic composition of the mould with molecular markers. This led to correlations between the virulence of different strains and the large genetic diversity. He also demonstrated the existence of resistance genes in some species of the secundary genetic pool of the bean, thus holding out prospects of a way to combat the disease.
With this work Dr. Busogoro became Doctor in Agricultural Sciences and Biological Engineering with the greatest distinction.