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The use of residues from the wood industry as an ameliorant of the chemical soil fertility of acid soils in the tropics

Jean-Claude VOUNDI NKANA unknown (1998 only) laureate

°1960 Cameroon
Agricultural engineer, ENSA - Dschang, Cameroon, 1988

Utilisation des déchets de l'industrie du bois en vue de l'amélioration de la fertilité chimique des sols acides tropicaux

This work investigates the use of wood ashes and paper pulp as a soil ameliorant for acid soils of the tropics.
Research was conducted in Cameroon, where representative soils were sampled, described and fully characterized chemically and physically. Next, the wood ash and paper pulp were analysed and experiments conducted to assess the effect of the soil amendments on soil characteristics and eventually on plant growth.
The study offers some important options for small-scale farmers to complement expensive mineral fertilisers. The soil amendments proposed are abundantly available and may, therefore, be cheap. The work demonstrates how these soil ameliorants may profitably be combined with mineral fertilisers, so as to come to sustainable agricultural production systems on soils with acidity problems.