Call edition 2012

A new edition of the Prize of the Belgian Development Cooperation has been launched. This call is open until March 31st, 2011. You can read in the regulations whether you comply with the criteria for participation.

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The Prize Belgian Development Cooperation was created in 1998 on the initiative of the Belgian Directorate-General for Development Cooperation (DGD) in order to raise public awareness concerning international solidarity. The Prize is financed by the Belgian Development Cooperation. 

The purpose of this prize of encouragement is to invite young people from the North and the South at a decisive moment of their lives to take an interest in international cooperation, and to stay committed after completing their studies. The Prize is aimed at students and young scientists. They can compete for a prize by submitting either a Master's or postgraduate thesis, a Ph.D. thesis or a publication. In order to be eligible, the works are to show sufficient relevance for development, i.e. they should provide an important contribution to the knowledge which can be applied in the pursuit of sustainable development in the South. Participation is open for both citizens of the partner countries of the Belgian Development Cooperation and Belgians (or persons with a right of permanent residence in Belgium).

The organization of the Prize is entrusted to the Royal Museum for Central Africa as part of the Cooperation Protocol with the DGD, which regulates the funding of various actions by the museum in the field of development cooperation.

The jury consists, among others, of representatives from Belgian universities and from the Belgian Development Cooperation. For the evaluation of the works submitted, external experts are also called upon.
Since edition 2010, some substantive changes were introduced to the Prize. The Prize is 2-yearly and is organised around a central theme, which can be studied from all scientific fields. The geographical focus has been strengthened. The number of categories and laureates has been reduced while the prize per laureate increased significantly.

The Prize of the Belgian Development Cooperation will award candidates in the following 3 categories:
(1) students from a university/college of higher education/research institute in a partner country of the Belgian Development Cooperation, on the basis of a Master’s thesis
(2) students from a Belgian university/college of higher education/research institute, on the basis of a Master’s thesis
(3) young researchers from a university/research institute in a partner country of the Belgian Development Cooperation (who have carried out the larger part of their research in a developing country), on the basis of a Ph.D. thesis or a publication.

The Prize of the Belgian Development Cooperation will nominate maximum 9 candidates in these 3 categories. The nominees will be invited to a second selection round in which the 3 laureates are chosen. The nominees also participate in an international theme day in Belgium, organized in the framework of the awarding ceremony.

The prize per laureate consists of a line of credit of 5000€ for students (2 laureates) and of 15000€ for researchers (1 laureate). This line of credit can be used for the continuation of research activities or for career development (participation in seminars, trainings, …).