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Design of a strategic marketing plan, based on the gender concept, to promote the commercialisation via associations of the “criollo” type cheese, incorporating women as the principal actors in the process

Pamela del Rocío AVILA ROSEL student laureate

°1979 Peru
Licence in Business Management, Universidad Católica Boliviana « San Pablo », La Paz, Bolivia, 2004

Diseño de un plan de marketing estratégico para promover la comercialización asociada de queso criollo de la zona de Tiwanacu, incorporando a la mujer como principal actora del proceso, a partir del concepto de género

In this study, the author sets out in minute detail a marketing strategy for the producers of a simple and delicious cheese, the queso criollo. A total of 168 Bolivian families of the Tiwanacu region are involved. The study intelligently combines a technical analysis in marketing with a perspective of gender analysis and brings a number of important positive elements to the problems associated with development.

Firstly, at the level of analysis, there is an appropriate integration of the technical dimensions associated with marketing with the socio-cultural dimensions. The author then goes further still and makes a number of recommendations aimed at improving the production, marketing and organization of a product (criollo cheese) in order to increase the income of a group of Bolivian women with low incomes.

Secondly, the study makes a further contribution to resolving the problems associated with development by giving weight, in setting up the scheme and implementing policies, to the differences that exist between men and women.

This thesis plays an effective part in highlighting the contribution women make to the wellbeing of the family and the community by showing that women are important actors in local development.

Finally, this study emphasises the prominent role training and institutional support play in ensuring the continuance of an initiative.

report: Prof. I. Yépez del Castillo, Institute of Development Studies, Université Catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium