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The Determinants of Fertility in India. Analysis Based on the Data from the 1992 - 1993 National Family and Health Survey

Sylvie GADEYNE unknown (1998 only) laureate

°1970 Belgium
Licence in Sociology, Universiteit Gent, Belgium, 1992

Les déterminants de la fécondité en Inde. Analyse à partir des données de l'enquête nationale de famille et santé, 1992-1993

This paper gives us an analysis of the most important determinants which, on the one hand, may explain the variance of fertility in India on a regional and individual level and, on the other hand, may verify the various theories of fertility. The fact that the author chose India, offers a particularly favourable opportunity to that effect because of the extent, the demographic changes and the cultural diversity of that country. The author has been able to show the relationship between fertility and numerous other indicators, and to weigh them against each other. By fitting the demographic problems into the issue of developmental policy, the author, based on the analysis of a large and varied population, shows the predominance of socio-cultural development a a factor in the mutation of fertility.
This research constitutes a contribution to be taken into account by developmental policy.