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Essential amino acids requirements of South African mutton merino lambs

Abraham Vlok FERREIRA researcher laureate

°1968 South Africa
MSc (1993) and PhD (1998) in Animal Science, University of the Oranje Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa

Essential amino acids requirements of South African mutton merino lambs

V. Ferreira obtained his degree of Bachelor in agronomy and the degrees of Master and PhD in Animal Sciences at the University of Orange Free State, Bloemfontein. His PhD dissertation deals with the essential amino acid requirements of South-African Merino lambs. For that he determined the composition of essential amino acids in the different parts of the body. This allowed him to calculate which amino acids could be limiting (first histidine, then methionine etc.). Furthermore the nitrogen absorption by male lambs was investigated.
Based on these results, an ideal protein diet could be calculated. It followed that the actual diet of these lambs should be supplemented by feed proteines which are not degraded in the rumen and which increase the quantity of limiting essential amino acids. A good combination would consist of soybean meal, which is rich in histidine, and maize glutes meal, rich in methionine. Adding these products to the diet will result in a considerable increase of growth.