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The weavers of another development. The experiences of the organization on a community level in Totonicapán, Guatemala

Maria Victoria GARCIA student laureate

°1969 Guatemala
Licence in political and social sciences, Universitad Rafael Landivar, Guatemala, 1996

Los tejedores de otro desarrollo. Las experiencias de organización comunal en Totonicapán, Guatemala

This is a rigorous scientific work. Centred around the micro community experience of Totonicapán, the interpretation of the local process of development, through the analysis of the actors involved, renders us an innovative approach to better understand the process of development in Guatemala. This research proposes an alternative framework of analysis to understand processes of development. The author shows the unfortunate role that the paradigm of modernisation, as framework of analysis, has played in interpreting the development processes and problems in the rural communities of Guatemala. Instead the author emphasises the importance of political and cultural values which are pertinent to the study of a specific Maya Community, to contribute in this way to improved theoretical and methodological frameworks to understand the process of national development.
Through the author's lens the interested reader has both the opportunity to re-discover the history of Guatemala from the perspective of a rural Mayan community, and to question the so called "development work" which has occupied multiple organisations in the last few decades in Guatemala. The original analytical framework proposed by the author can serve as a blueprint for similar investigations in other developing countries.